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Which of the sentences below best expresses the essential information in the highlighted sentence in the passage?
Incorrect choices change the meaning in important ways or leave out essential information.

  • Some biogeographers believe that the tropics have larger surface areas than they actually do because of the distortions produced by projections of Earth’s curved surface
  • High levels of diversity in the tropics are sometimes attributed to the fact that the tropics have more surface area of land than the higher latitudes do, though distortions in commonly used projections may seem to suggest otherwise.
  • Because biogeographers disagree on whether or not the tropics are correctly represented in projections of Earth s surface, it is difficult to determine the relationship their surface area has to their diversity
  • Most biogeographers agree that the tropics contain a larger surface area of land than higher latitudes do,but they disagree on whether or not the tropics’ level of diversity is a reflection of that larger surface area.
Latitude and Biodiversity